The "Dr. Demento Show" arrived along with the April showers to brighten KLSX 97.1 Sunday nights. The humorous, novelty offbeatrecord show originated in L.A. at KPPC in 1970.
  A contract dispute between KLSX 97.1 FM management and evening talk show hosts Tim Conway, Jr. and Doug Steckler opened the door for Ed Tyll to step into the 7 p.m. to 10 p.m time slot April 13. By the end of the month, however, Conway & Steckler had resolved their differences with KLSX and were back in their former time slot.
  "Both parties acted in haste when negotiations broke down," KLSX Program Director Jack Silver said. "It turns out that we didn't have to accept the results as gospel, and we corrected the mistake."
After a three-month go at KABC 790 AM last fall, Tyll was fired from his daily 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. show, and his hours were returned to Larry Elder. Before coming to the Southland, Tyll hosted a daily talk show on Orlando's WTKS-FM.
  Eliminating all vestiges of its former classic rock identity, KLSX has extended the gabfest to weekends. The sole rock survivor is Deidre ODonahue and her long-lived show, "Breakfast with the Beatles." Ex-KNX/KABC/KTZN recipe queen Melinda Lee serves up the two-hour "Food Talk" at 1 p.m. Fellow "Zone" refugee Norm N. Fox talks travel until 5 p.m.; and "Best of Leykis" repeats his rants until 7 p.m. when Nick Diaz' motor starts up with the hour-long "Auto Maniacs," the classic car talk show. At 8 p.m., Gene Steiner offers"Healthy Advice." Kim Komando chats about computers for an hour until Papa Joe's entertainment talk takes listeners to the "Dr. Demento Show" at 11 p.m. The syndicated program "Movies on the Radio" provides celluloid insights until Howard Stern's morning show kicks in live at 3 a.m. from WXRK-FM in New York.

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