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Category 1

Websites featuring streaming audio

  • Timecast | Real Audio Programming | Various
  • AudioNet | The mother of all current radio related websites
  • BBC | Orchestral Maneuvers
    The BBC Symphony Orchestra is the pinnacle of the classical music scene in Britain and has performed traditional pieces and new music to audiences throughout the world. Listen to some of their most revered works and peruse a list of performance dates for 1997.
  • MTV | Music Television "You Know"
  • Music Central
    Interviews, charts, new releases, and articles on the top bands in the biz, plus the fabulous Mr. Quizzy.
  • Billboard Billings
    Billboard has taken their enduring radio show and music rating service online and decided to leave Casey Kasem behind. Get slick music news, reviews, and interviews with chart-topping artists.
  • Fame
    Visit the Rock Hall of Fame and read interviews with inductees, check out the top 500 songs of all time, and find out who will be honored in '97
  • Rock & More
    Check out Sony's latest releases via clips and artist profiles—be among the first to get concert tour dates for your favorite performers!
  • Pop Music
    With music clips, photos, and a slideshow/Pop rockumentary, you'll find out why living legend Iggy Pop still rocks.
  • On the Brain
    Composer Tod Machover and more than fifty artists and scientists at the M.I.T. Media Lab studied the interplay of sensory perception, musical structure, language, and emotion—see the result here.
  • Just Do It
    If you've always wanted to try Karaoke, here's your chance to sing along with the bouncing ball (in the privacy of your own home)!
  • Ravi! Ravi!
    It was more than 30 years ago that Ravi Shankar introduced the world to the mesmerizing sounds of India. Find out how this legendary artist has shaped the face of modern music through his interpretation of traditional Eastern melodies, tones, and timbres.
  • No Posers- Please
    If you're serious about music and sick of hype, visit Harmony Central for the latest news on instruments, equipment, software, and effects, plus a classified section and practical advice about making it the music industry.
  • First-TV
    The world's first 24-hour, Internet-only TV/video network offers original video content. Internet Explorer automatically installs the correct software <Picture> to view shows--no special steps or instructions required!
  • HotWired
    Get hip on the Web at this site that offers a fresh perspective on the culture, news, and technology of cyberspace.
  • NetGuide Live
    Find exciting Web events fast with NetGuide's hour-by-hour grid to what's new on the Web. NetGuide Live offers over 50,000 profiles of the Web's most interesting sites as well a powerful search engine.
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Category 2

Sports Websites

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Category 3

Software Developement Products

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Category 4

Educational and News Radio Websites

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Category 5

Radio Personalities

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Category 6

Talk Radio

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