Radio Industry related
"The lady known as Lou"- Commercial Voice Overs
"Choice Voice" - Voice Actors and Production
Tom Katsis - Size thirteen basketball shoes and a voice to match
KIEV 870 AM - Talk of the Town, Infomercial on Radio
Leonard Peikoff - KIEV 870 AM "LA's most Intelligent Talk Radio Program
Ilonna Higgins - KLAC | KZLA great sales rep with a great station!
CRN - The Cable Radio Network
Radio Industry Employment Opportunities
Market Place -Newscaster wanted 40+ per year
Home Entertainment
"Select-a-tenna" - hear more AM talk shows, Free Catalogue
Audio Specialist - The Eclectic Audio / Video Service Center
Audiophile International - Record and CD Collections
Automotive Sound
Crutchfield - Crutchfield Stereo Catalog
General Services
Center For Psychological Studies - Degreed Studies in Psychology